This site is the home of The Josselin Society

The Society was founded in England in February 1991 and currently has a worldwide membership, mostly in East Anglia, England, but also in other parts of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Brazil, China and Germany.


To connect people whose name, or relatives, have a surname such as Joslin, Joslen, Josling, Joscelyn, Joscelyne, Josselyn, Joslyn or similar and to promote the study and research into the origins and history of these names


Normally, two meetings are arranged each year, usually in Essex, England, in June/July and September/October

A Journal is published, usually, twice a year, containing articles of research and interest contributed by members. Normally 20 pages A4 size with colour photos, distributed either by e-mail attachment or post.

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The Josselin Society